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PO BOX 278

PABLO MT 59855

(406) 675-2700

PERSONNEL OFFICE FAX: (406) 675-2711




****V A C A N C Y   A N N O U N C E M E N T****


TITLE:                    Senior Firefighter-Type 2 Initial Attack (IA) Crew

                                      3 Contract Positions


LOCATION:                     Forestry-Division of Fire


SALARY:                         $14.56 - $16.83 per hour


CLOSING DATE:               Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.



This position is a Testing Designated Position (TDP) within the definition of the CSKT Drug Testing policy.

The successful applicant, if not already employed by the Tribes must pass a pre-hire drug test and serve a mandatory six (6) month probationary period.


The purpose of the position is fire/fuels with responsibility for the operation and maintenance of specialized tools or equipment.   The incumbent performs assignments that involve an experienced knowledge of fire suppression and fuels management techniques and practices in order to assist technical, skilled, and supervisory positions within the Division of Fire (DOF) organization. The work consists of line construction, use of pumps and engines, hose lays using appropriate nozzles and nozzle adjustment in the effective use of water and additives, working in and around aircraft such as helicopters, adhering to safety rules, interpreting basic fire behavior, and using fire and fuels terminology.


  • Serves as a highly motivated and skilled member of a Type 2 IA Crew.
  • Incumbent utilizes and provides guidance to less experienced crew members a variety of specialized tools, equipment, and techniques while actively working with hand and power tools such as a shovel, axe, pulaski, chainsaw, in fire suppression and fuels activities.
  • Serves as an assistant on an engine working as a trainee engine operator driving the engine, operating the pump, and making hose lays under the direction of the assigned lead workers, engine boss or supervisory engine foreman. Responsible for positioning the fire apparatus for safe and efficient operation. Participates in crew proficiency checks and drills.
  • Fuels crews are used primarily for working on fuels projects which include hazardous fuels reduction and restoration of fire adapted ecosystems.
  • May be required to operate 4x4 pickups and other light vehicles.
  • May serve as a helitack crew member loading and unloading helicopters and completing crew manifests.
  • Performs basic containment line activities such as hose layout, operations of pumps and accessories, lopping and scattering of fuels using hand tools and holding, patrolling, monitoring, and mop-up operations during fire suppression or fuels treatments.
  • Builds containment line to control the spread of wildland fire or prescribed burns, by chopping brush, felling small trees, and moving dirt. Searches out and extinguishes burning materials using dirt and/or water. Patrols the containment line to locate and extinguish sparks, flare ups, and hot spots that may threaten loss of control of the fire or prescribed burn.
  • Independently, or with other crew members, may be assigned to carry out specialized assignments such a tree falling, backfire or burnout, mobile and stationary engine attack, construction of helispots, specialized helitack operations, and longline hookups.
  • Serves as a specialized crewmember on an organized crew during prescribed burns, monitoring and controlling the fire, and collecting data on fire weather and fire behavior.
  • Uses common fuel reduction techniques such as thinning, piling, pile burning, and prescribed fire.
  • Reports weather and fire behavior information keeping the dispatcher and/or other officials informed of current conditions.
  • Is responsible for observing the rules of firefighting safety. Applies practices and techniques to minimize resource damage.
  • May perform project work such as fuel inventory and data collection, preparing associated reports, and hazard fuel reduction activities.
  • Participates in safety training in the techniques, practices, methods of fire suppression and fuels treatments in a safe manner. Operation of tools, equipment, and vehicles used in fire/fuels activities, with emphasis on those used in the particular function to which assigned.
  • Participates in Safety Tailgate sessions and After Action Reviews (AAR). Ensures own and others’ safety in all aspects of assignments.
  • Receives training in specialized fire/fuels practices and equipment; CPR/first aid, Defensive driving, standards for survival, and sexual harassment.
  • Cleans, maintains, reconditions, and stores hand and power tools and equipment. Assists with inventories of supplies and equipment.
  • Services and makes minor repairs to engines; inspects, checks, and services accessories such as pump, water lines, tank, reels, or pump power plant; and keeps in working condition.


  • A high school diploma (or equivalent).
  • Required Qualification-Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1).
  • Required Qualification-Faller 2 (FAL2).
  • Required Training-S-290 “Intermediate Fire Behavior”.
  • Must possess a State of Montana State driver’s license at the time of hire and possess throughout employment. BIA requirement of employee adherence to all responsibilities under the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Motor Vehicle Operator Policy.
  • Must continuously meet the requirements for an Interagency Qualifications Carding System (IQCS) rating FFT1 (Firefighter 1) and Faller B (FALB).
  • Must meet the Federal Interagency Wildland Firefighter Medical Qualification Standards for arduous duty wildland firefighting.
  • Must attain and maintain the prerequisite physical stamina and strength needed to perform rigorous duties and must pass the Work Capacity Test at the arduous level annually.
  • This is a Testing Designated Position (TDP) under the Tribal Drug and Alcohol Policy and is subject to pre-hire and random drug testing requirements.



  • Request position description for a detailed description of desirable qualifications.



  1. Completed Tribal employment application.
  2. Copy of relevant academic transcript.
  3. Proof of enrollment from a federally recognized Tribe if other than CSKT.
  4. If claiming veteran’s preference, a copy of DD214 must be submitted.


SUBMIT ALL OF THE ABOVE TO: Cynthia Matt, Personnel Office, PO Box 278, Pablo MT 59855, Telephone (406) 675-2700 Ext.1259.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Chris McCrea, Crew Foreman – (406) 675-2700 Ext. 6416                                                  

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