Largest and Best Employer in Northwest Montana...

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are the largest employer in northwest Montana and manage budgets of $180 million per year. We are also rated in the top 10% of employers in the state (S&K Technologies). Over 15% of our employees are non-Tribal members.

We employ people in a range of fields, including wildlife management, unionized electrical workers, public safety professionals and teachers.

Since 1978, the Tribes have administered a merit-based personnel management system. When a job vacancy occurs, the Tribes recruit and fill the position with a qualified applicant. If any of the qualified applicants are Tribal members, those applicants have preference over non-Tribal members as affirmed by the Supreme Court. The focus of employment is to hire qualified individuals, which has resulted in the employment of non-Tribal members.

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