Operation Hours: 6AM to 5:30PM (Mon-Thur.) 8AM to 4:30PM (Friday)

Responsibility of Rider:

  • It is the rider’s responsibility to call and schedule their ride before 3pm a day in advance to when the ride is needed. However, if you are at the bus stop you may ride the scheduled route.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to call and cancel their scheduled ride with the Transportation office personnel with enough advance notice or there will be a strike placed against them.
  • If the rider shall receive 3 documented strikes they will be off the schedule of 10 working days beginning the day after the 3 strikes were received. (Strikes are received for no calling, no showing for scheduled rides).
  • DHRD Transportation is not responsible for items left on the bus/van.
  • There will be no alcohol or drugs allowed in the vehicles.

We have ADA vehicles available to assist those in need

Available Bus Shelter Map and Routes

Bus Shelter Map (PDF)
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