The Tribal Economic Development Office (EDO) is charged with planning and implementing resource development projects, with Tribal Council and interdisciplinary staff concurrence, to lead the Tribes toward a self-sufficient economy within the parameters of sound environmental stewardship.  The Annual Work Plan for the EDO includes the following goals:

  1. Facilitate Reporting and Communications between Tribally-Owned Corporations/Enterprises and the Tribal Council/Shareholder 
  2. Complete Due Diligence on New Business Proposals Submitted to CSKT by Outside Business Interests
  3. Support the Capital Fund Advisory Committee
  4. Assist Tribal Member Entrepreneurs and Prospective Entrepreneurs with Access to Capital, Training, and Other Business Development Needs
  5. Support Revenue-Producing Tribal Programs, including Review of Land Acquisition Proposals with Revenue-Producing Potential
  6. Research and Plan for the Best Use of Tribal Assets
  7. Coordinate with Other Governmental Entities Regarding Economic Development, Planning and Workforce Development 

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