Tribal Probation and Parole

Tribal Probation/Parole serves the people through the authority of the Tribal Council. Until July of 1996 the programs (adult probation, juvenile probation and community services) were components of the Tribal Court System. At that time, upon the request of the Chief Tribal Court Judge and the Chief Adult Probation Officer (Jacque Morigeau), Tribal Council gave approval for the Tribal Probation/Parole Department to separate from the court. Physical separation was effective August 1, 1996 and budget separation became effective October 1, 1996. Since that time there have been changes, programs have come and gone. The Department now consists of Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, Youth Community Services and Administration.

Mission Statement

To provide a framework for adult and juvenile probationers in order for them to become productive citizens of the community. The Tribal Probation Department can provide rehabilitative measures by offering diversion opportunities, educational opportunities, treatment opportunities, compliance incentives, job training opportunities, which will instill work habits, give the probationer a sense of self-worth, which will aid in maintaining the family unit, fulfill fine obligations, fulfill incarceration requirements, pay restitution, satisfy the probationers debt to society, and be released from Probation/Parole as successful.