Disaster Emergency Services is a program within the Tribal Forestry Department.



Build on the working relations with local, state, and federal jurisdictions for emergency preparedness and response, mitigation and recovery efforts, related to emergencies and disasters occurring on or affecting the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Build on working relationships with all local Law Enforcement, Tribal Police, City Police, County Sheriff’s Department, and The Montana Highway Patrol as well as all local ( Division of Fire, and Forestry Wild land Fire Fighters ), City, and Rural Fire Department’s. To provide annual HazMat Operations and refresher classes.

Build on working relationships with the local Hospitals and Tribal Medical Facilities, and Ambulance Services to review, update, and assist in exercising their Emergency Action Plans. As well as providing their annual HazMat Operations and refresher classes.

Work with Tribal Schools and Collages as well as all school districts within the boundaries of the reservation. Participating as a member of each schools Safety Committee in updating, and testing their Emergency Action Plans.

Working with all tribal facilities to help develop, approve, and train employees on the use of their Emergency Action Plans.

Co-chair with the Lake Co. Office of Emergency Management, the local TERC/LEPC ( Tribal Emergency Response Commission, and Local Emergency Planning Committee ) monthly meetings to review, update, and plan exercises with The Emergency Operations Plan for the tribe and the county. 

Co-chair with The Tribes Safety Officer, the monthly meetings of The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes Safety Committee.

Represent The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes at the quarterly meetings with The Montana Indian Nations Working Group. To build on relationships and mutual aid agreements between all Montana Tribes.

Represent The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes and The Montana Indian Nations Working Group as the State Lead for Emergency Management information exchange with The National Tribal Emergency Management Council.

Represent The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, at quarterly meetings as a member of The Montana State Association of Disaster Emergency Services Coordinators. 

Appointed by The Montana State Governor to represent The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, along with all the other Montana Tribal Nations at the quarterly meetings of The Montana State Emergency Response Commission in Helena.

Be available at all times to respond to and or help Lake Co Office of Emergency Management, Sanders Co. Office of Emergency Management, and or Missoula Co. Office of Emergency Management mitigate any hazmat related spill or release with in the boundary of the Flathead Reservation.

Continue to be the designated single point of contact to serve as the principle coordinator to update and apply to NIMS ( National Incident Management System ) so to be incompliant with federal regulations. Resolution No. 07-252

Keep informed and up dated with the Tribal Government Disaster Information Manual, so that in the case of an emergency or disaster this Tribal Government can access the State Emergency and Disaster Fund. 

Work as liaison and provide support functions to local and federal government forces for managing short and long term incidents and events on the reservation.

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